Ahh zombie!
*Gasp* Where?!

So much for accidentally leaving the submit box open. Plenty-o-spam to delete.

… oh, and hi! ^^;

ask-herolight said: :< bai, I will miss you belgian, don’t stop drawing. ;-;

ask-firebloom said: Welp, now I’m sadder than I already was today.

Don’t be sad. ;n; I still kinda lurk on a few occasions.

Heh, hi!

I’m pretty sure most of you can tell by now that I’ve been out of the fandom for a while… a few months actually. :s

I think it’s safe to call it quits and retire from the blog. Sorry to Caramel, Neuex, and Bluey for leaving the Belgian’s blog without warning. If any of you guys need to contact me (or anybody else for that matter), shoot me a message. Also sorry for the missed birthdays from anyone I’ve wanted to draw for.

Thanks for the good times everyone, especially for those of you who still stuck around for some reason. :)

*Hugs everyone*image


I wonder how many nicknames I&#8217;ve had by now? :-p Thanks Tayo!

I wonder how many nicknames I’ve had by now? :-p Thanks Tayo!

(( I&#8217;ll leave this here as well. &#8216;Tis me sharing a dorm room with my roommate. :-p ))

(( I’ll leave this here as well. ‘Tis me sharing a dorm room with my roommate. :-p ))

Lol, nah, just saying that not only people on the other side of the world are normally awake at this time xD
I kno, I is only kidding :3
Psh, please. 5 AM? Piece of cake.
I sense a challenge…

ex-rudera replied to your post: Only out of pure curiosity, who’s still up? o.0 

The Europeans

… Should’ve seen that coming

I'm just going to bed. I'm dead. So utterly dead. and poor. dead and poor.

I’m makin’ my way there, very slowly but surely. :-p

Especially with college and things of the like…

Only out of pure curiosity, who’s still up? o.0

Thanks fella,’preciated :D

No problem! ^^

shame ya unfollowed. You were one of the blogs I admired most. 

Plus, it’s only a temporary abeyance, innit :3

Really sorry ‘bout that! D: Most blogs that haven’t updated in a few months were dropped automatically because my dash was getting fairly full quite often…

Many that were dropped were reblog and homestuck blogs as well, and they updated practically every 5 minutes. :-p I’m at here now:

If you think that’s impressive, you should see him balance trays of food on his head! :3

"I didn’t think it’d be that funny…”

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